What is Community Engagement?

Community Engagement is defined as a planned process that provides a range of opportunities for public involvement in Council’s decision-making, relationship building and community strengthening.

Why do we engage the community?

We engage to actively involve the people who matter the most in decision making processes – those living, working, studying and doing business in the City of Whittlesea. Community engagement empowers our community to play a role in shaping the future of our City, and the delivery of our services.

We believe good community engagement leads to better decision-making, helping foster trust between community and Council and ultimately quality outcomes for our City. Good community engagement is central to realising our Whittlesea 2040 community vision to work together to make our community a place for all.

Council’s Community Engagement Policy describes our approach to community engagement (why, who, what, when, how) to help us meet our responsibilities to include the community in decision-making and adhere to legislative requirements under the Local Government Act 2020 (it’s the law!)

Our promise to our community

In adopting the Policy, Council commits to engage its community in a deliberative, proactive and flexible way. This will ensure the decision-making of Council is fully informed of our community’s views ideas and suggestions, and all options have been carefully considered.

Engage Whittlesea

This is our online portal for community engagement and is an additional tool of engagement to ensure we are providing community with plenty of opportunity to share thoughts, ideas and feedback on projects. These are then collated (online and face to face) and used to inform council decision making processes.

Why should you register to Engage Whittlesea?

You can help shape the future of City of Whittlesea by providing feedback, sharing ideas and letting us know if we are on the right path. Anyone who lives, works, plays or has an interest in the City of Whittlesea can register. All projects that ask for community consultation in decision making are displayed on the Engage Whittlesea site.

Benefits of registering to the site include:

  • Notification of new projects as soon as they are open for consultation
  • View information in your own time
  • Translate it in to your own language
  • Stay informed and receive updates on projects you are following.