Let Us Know What You Think

Council is considering leasing the land at 1F Ashline Street in Wollert for an affordable housing development to provide homes for local people and is seeking community feedback on this proposal.

The land would be leased for a maximum term of 50 years to a community housing organisation.  

Council knows access to local affordable housing is important to our community. Our research shows that there is an urgent need for 3800 additional affordable homes in our muncipality. Council is working to address this challenge by considering the lease of Council-owned land for an affordable housing development.

We invite you to provide your feedback on the proposal by completing this survey.

The survey is open between 7 September and 10 October 2021.

Join us for an Online Information Session on 6 October.

For more information, read the project Frequently Asked Questions below.

Map of area around 1F Ashline Street

Map of area around proposed development