Murnong Community Centre

Geographic Names Victoria has officially approved and registered the name Murnong Community Centre for the future community centre at 183 Olivine Boulevard, Donnybrook. Murnong means ‘yam daisy’ in the Woi Wurrung language of the Wurundjeri people.

  • Murnong origins

    Murnong is reflective of the indigenous flora found in the landscape of Donnybrook and its surrounds. The roots of murnong plants were an important traditional food source for many Aboriginal people.

    The name ‘Murnong Community Centre’ was the most popular choice among respondents of our community engagement in April 2022.

The City of Whittlesea proposes naming the future community centre at 183 Olivine Boulevard, Donnybrook the 'Murnong Community Centre'.

In April 2023, Council invited feedback from the public on the Murnong Community Centre name and received 30 responses, with 63 per cent of submissions in support of the name and 37 per cent opposed to the name.

The objections to the proposed name ‘Murnong Community Centre’ were assessed by Council’s Naming Advisory Committee at its meeting on 24 July 2023. The responses were categorised into four key themes, and considered in accordance with the principles outlined in the Naming Rules for Places in Victoria 2022 and Council’s Naming Policy for Features.

Please refer to the table below, which outlines the key themes and Council’s assessment


Based on the assessment outlined above and the majority support (63%) for the proposed name ‘Murnong Community Centre’, Council’s Naming Advisory Committee resolved to proceed to formal submission/lodgement of the proposed name - Murnong Community Centre (and thereby Murnong Kindergarten) – with Geographic Names Victoria.

Thank you to those who took the time to have a say on the proposed name for the future community centre in Donnybrook. We invite you to continue to share your ideas and feedback on other Council projects via the Engage City of Whittlesea website.

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