• Outcomes

    Council has adopted a plan that will preserve the unique, rural character of Whittlesea Township.

    The Whittlesea Township Plan was adopted at Council Meeting (June 2021). It reflects the community’s aspirations for the Township and details how this vision can be achieved over the next 15-20 years.

    Council acknowledged that not all ideas could be incorporated into the plan, however, said it would consider them as other future guiding documents are developed such as the Investment Attraction Plan.

Whittlesea Township Plan

Council adopted the Whittlesea Township Plan on 1 June 2021.

The Plan has been developed in consultation with the community and other key stakeholders.

The Whittlesea Township Plan establishes a long term vision and provides direction for the future planning and development of the Whittlesea Township over the next 15-20 years.

Looking forward, Whittlesea Township will:

· Retain its unique rural country feel, continue to serve the day to day needs of the local community with a strong community focus for the surrounding rural areas.

· Have a thriving, inclusive, connected and safe community and provide for the community to age-well across all life stages, with well utilised services and facilities, including opportunities for recreation, to meet the current and changing needs of the community.

· Be a contained town where residential growth is appropriately managed, and which has a diversity of housing options to meet the needs of different household types and which respects the character of the local area.

· Be a well connected and accessible community with sustainable and active travel options.

· Have a strong and vibrant local economy and local employment opportunities.

· Continue to have a strong connection to the surrounding natural environment.

Whilst implementation of the plan is primarily the responsibility of Council, support is also required from the State Government, other public agencies and the private sector.

If you have any questions, concerns or to get more information about the plan, please contact the Strategic Planning Unit on 9217 2556 or email strategic.planning@whittlesea.vic.gov.au

Community Consultation

Submissions for the Draft Whittlesea Township Strategy are now closed. Thank you to everyone who had their say.

About the strategy

We are preparing a strategy to guide how the Whittlesea township will change over the next 20 years including transport, housing, open space, shopping and employment.

The plan will build on the town's strengths and continue to protect its unique character.

The draft strategy addresses key issues relating to:

  • Managing future residential growth
  • Housing opportunities and built form
  • Retail, business and industry
  • Movement and transport
  • Environmental attributes and risks
  • Community services and facilities.

In particular the strategy will:

  • Provide a framework to guide development and growth within the Whittlesea township
  • Determine whether the implementation of a township boundary is appropriate to manage growth
  • Protect the preferred rural character of the township which is highly valued by the community.

How to have your say

You can provide feedback in writing to:

Manager Strategic Planning & Economic Development

City of Whittlesea

Locked Bag 1

Bundoora MDC VIC 3083

Or email: strategic.planning@whittlesea.vic.gov.au

Submissions close 5pm 18 December 2020

More information

Read our frequently asked questions

If you need assistance with providing feedback or accessing the document, please contact us on 9217 2170 or via email.