Council has received a submission proposing that the Council feature located at 38W Dodd Lane, Epping, be named ‘Marangos Park’ and is inviting feedback. A copy of the submission can be viewed here.

Who is Charlie Marangos?

The former landowner and wife of Charlie Marangos, in her proposal advises:

  • Charlie unfortunately passed away in 2016.
  • He was an outstanding and hardworking member of the City of Whittlesea community for more than 52 years.
  • He built his panel beating business and served the council, police, schools and community by repairing many vehicles, working weekends and late into the night to ensure quality repairs.
  • He was well loved and respected in the community due to his helpful and friendly nature.
  • He had the pleasure of offering working experience and later apprenticeships to many local school children which remains his legacy to this day.
  • He is the father of five boys all growing up in the area attending Lalor North Primary and Secondary College where Charlie was on the school council for both schools.

Mr and Mrs Marangos completed landscaping in various parks within the estate and would like to apply to have a park named after Mr Marangos.

The letter of proposal can be read in full here.

Have your say

In accordance with the Naming Rules for Places in Victoria your feedback is welcome on the proposed name ‘Marangos Park’ by 5.00pm, Thursday 27 October 2022.

You can provide feedback by answering the questions below, sending an email or in writing to the contact details below. If you are unable to provide feedback in writing then please contact Council on 9217 2294 to discuss other options.