Masons Road - traffic management improvements

In December 2020, after extensive community consultation, Council decided to install 15 raised pavements on Masons Road, between Plenty Road and Texel Drive. The raised pavements, due to be installed in August 2021, aim to reduce speeds and decrease traffic on Masons Road, including through traffic on the gravel section.

The proposed locations of each raised pavement and design details can be found here.

The proposed locations and spacing of the raised pavements are based on Australian Standards and the AustRoads design guide.

Have your say

Although the decision to install the raised pavements has been made by Council, we welcome your feedback on the proposed location of the 15 raised pavements.

Please use the contact form below to provide you feedback, or contact us on 9217 2338 or email

Please provide your feedback or questions by 5pm, Friday 23 July.

Next steps

Council will contact affected residents with more details about the work closer to the installation date.