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You outlined your key priorities when we developed the Community Plan 2021-2025 and Budget. A lot had changed since then and we're keen to understand your priorities for the future and how they may have changed. This information will inform the development of the 2023/24 Budget, the 2023/24 Community Plan Action Plan as well as other key plans and strategies we're working on.


City of Whittlesea’s Community Plan 2021-2025 is Council’s main medium-term strategic planning document. It expands on the long-term 20-year community vision, Whittlesea 2040: A place for all, to include key outcome priorities, services, and initiatives over the next four years. It plays a central role in Council’s overall strategic planning and reporting framework.

Each year Council develops a Community Plan Action Plan (CPAP) which is an annual supplement to the Community Plan 2021-25. This action plan outlines the key actions to be completed over the next financial year to build towards achieving the Community Plan and ultimately our Whittlesea 2040 goals. These goals are for a Connected Community, Liveable Neighbourhoods, a Strong Local Economy, a Sustainable Environment, and a High-Performing Organisation.

Similarly, each year the City of Whittlesea releases an annual Budget that sets a financially responsible path forward for the organisation to continue to deliver critical investment in services and key infrastructure to support our rapidly growing community. The budget is formed to align to our long-term financial plan which balances our current spending on projects and services for the community and strengthens our long-term financial sustainability.

For 2023/24 Council is committed to providing genuine opportunities for our community to share what matters most to them and help shape the CPAP as well as the Budget and have a say on how funds are directed.

How can you influence Council's key plans and strategies.

There are several ways you can have your say that will help influence what we prioritise and how we spend our budget for 2023/24.

We understand that Whittlesea is a large and diverse area and different areas will have different priorities. Whittlesea municipalty is divided into 6 districts. We are collecting information based on those 6 districts to understand what is important in each of those areas.

Select the area where you live below to fill in a survey, show us where you would direct funding by using our Fund it activity, or share your ideas and stories .

Place Based Approach