Council is planning to upgrade the adjoining W A Smith Reserve and Sycamore Reserve with features that help our community get active, socialise and enjoy the outdoors. We are developing a master plan to create a vision and direction for the reserve’s future. The master plan will include short- and long-term improvements to be delivered over the next 10 years.

What is the master plan?

The W A Smith and Sycamore Reserves master plan is a high level document providing a broad vision for the entire area across both reserves. The master plan does not focus on one specific item or user group, but instead looks at all of the reserve’s features, equipment and users. The master plan aims to find a balance for the needs of all the user groups and the facilities required by the different types of activities. It will outline the improvements required to achieve this balance in a staged action plan. In addition, the plan will need to meet the needs of current and future community and users.

The master plan will look at issues such as:

  • out of date sports and park equipment (including the playground)
  • public access and connections to pathways
  • visibility and safety (including lighting).

The master plan will also consider ways to increase active and passive activities in the reserve. These may include:

  • circuit walking paths
  • picnic shelters and seating
  • informal multi-sport courts (for example, half-court basketball, table tennis, volleyball or bocce)
  • fitness stations.

We want to hear from you

Share your thoughts about the W A Smith and Sycamore Reserve areas on the Social Map below. Fill out our short survey or come along and speak to us at our pop up stalls (details to be announced soon).