In 2021 the Whittlesea Township Strategy was endorsed, with a key action item to develop a master plan for Whittlesea Park. The City of Whittlesea has now partnered with the Whittlesea Showgrounds and Recreation Reserves Committee of Management (CoM) to develop a master plan for Whittlesea Park.

Whittlesea Park

Whittlesea Park is a 25 hectare reserve bound by Beech Street, River Street and Laurel Street.

The park is divided by three watercourses Bruces Creek, Plenty River and Scrubby Creek.

The Whittlesea Park is made up of several reserves including:

  • Whittlesea Park
  • AF Walker Reserve
  • Whittlesea Lions Club Park
  • River Street Reserve

Whittlesea Park is comprised of several Council facilities:

  • AF Walker Reserve sports fields
  • Playground
  • Whittlesea Dog Park
  • Whittlesea Tennis Club and Courts
  • C. McDonald Reserve Playground
  • Early Years Centre and Multi Purpose Room
  • Whittlesea Skate Park

What is the master plan?

The draft Whittlesea Park master plan outlines a proposed vision and direction of future improvements for the park over the next 5 to 10 years.

The vision of the draft master plan is to:

  • Create a strong identity for Whittlesea Park as a highly valued and recognisable place
  • Maintain and improve the provision of the park facilities and amenities
  • Protect and enhance the park environment
  • Enhance and develop a strong sense of community associated with the park
  • Provide well-defined, safe and accessible connections within the park and the Whittlesea Township.

Key Recommendations

The key actions of the Whittlesea Park draft master plan are outlined in the map below. Explore them here and then fill in a quick survey below to share your thoughts.

Master plan map

1. Upgrade entrances:

Improve the access into the reserve and connection to surrounding facilities

2. Playground:

Upgrade the playground to provide greater diversity in play, suitable for varied age groups and abilities. Provide picnic areas with BBQ facilities and supporting public furniture.

3. Circuit path:

Create a 3-metre-wide circuit path, with bridge crossings, nature walk and fitness stations.

4. Bridge access:

Upgrade and provide new bridge crossings across Scrubby Creek, Plenty River and Bruces Creek. Investigate a bridge crossing to provide access from Sherwin Street.

5. Tree Strategy:

Develop a Tree Strategy that includes a tree species list and plans to replace trees at the end of their useful life.

6. Car parking:

Formalise car parking facilities including the street parking along Laurel Street and Forest Street, Walnut Street and an additional car park off Beech Street.

7. Beech Street:

Improve the Beech Street frontage and provide safe access to the Whittlesea Showgrounds.

8. Dog Off-leash Park:

Upgrade the existing Dog Off-leash Park with an improved surface treatment, additional trees and a quiet dog zone.

9. Active Recreation:

Upgrade the AF Walker Recreation Reserve sportfield and enhance the active recreation zone with the construction of a basketball court.

10. Public Toilets:

Provide a public toilet facility at the Walnut Street entrance to service the skate park and playground and investigate the option for future public toilet facilities at Laurel Street.

11. Multi-use area:

Retain the Fire Rescue Victoria (CFA) training area and upgrade to include multi-use facilities including a learn-to-ride, exercise track and netball court.

12. Improve creek corridors:

Collaborate with Melbourne Water and the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) to improve the quality of waterway and onsite vegetation.

13. Interpretive signage:

Develop an interpretive signage plan that provides way finding and education on the cultural history of the areas.

Share your thoughts and ideas

Share your ideas and tell us your preferences in the survey below. You can view the key recommendations in an interactive easy to read map. We have also developed some frequently asked questions and answers,