• Outcome

    Aston Park naming proposal was approved and it has been named Aston Park. This has also been approved and gazetted by Geographic Name Victoria.

Council has received a submission proposing that the the reserve (currently known as Southern Park Playground, Donnybrae) at 20W Willaroy Blvd, Donnybrook be named ‘Aston Park’ and is inviting feedback. A map and a copy of the submission can be found in the documents section.

About the proposed name

The proposed name “Aston” has a link to place in that it demonstrates a pattern of land usage. The previous owners of the land conducted farming, including raising Boar Goats, Sheep and Angus Cattle. The small farm, situated on rocky terrain, was family run and they were unable to use motorcycles and farm utilities on a large portion of the property. Instead, a trained working dog named Aston was relied on and contributed to the success of the farm.

Naming often commemorates an event, person or place and can include the commemoration of animals that made a noteworthy contribution to a place.

Aston assisted by herding and controlling animal movements during strip feeding where the animals were moved regularly across the 13 paddocks to ensure vegetation regrowth. Aston did the job of at least two people. Aston was an integral part of the day to day workings of the rural property. The farm could not have run as smoothly and efficiently as it did without Aston being a major part of the team.

Aston became known to locals because of his ability to easily move stock. Since Aston passed away he has been missed and his integral assistance not forgotten and for these reasons Aston’s name has been put forward for consideration to name this park to commemorate him.

Have your say

In accordance with the Naming Rules for Places in Victoria your feedback is welcome on the proposed name ‘Aston Park’ by 5.00pm, Thursday 14 April 2022.

You can provide feedback by answering the questions below, sending an email or in writing to the contact details below. If you are unable to provide feedback in writing then please contact Council on 9217 2294 to discuss other options.

Community Feedback