Council Endorsed Master Plan

Council endorsed the Lalor Recreaiton Reserve master plan for implementation at the 16 April 2024 Council Meeting.

The Lalor Recreation Reserve master plan is a high-level document providing a broad vision for the entire reserve. The master plan looks at all of the reserve including features, equipment and users.

The master plan aims to find a balance of the needs of all the user groups and types of facilities required to meet these needs. It outlines the improvements required to achieve this balance in a staged action plan.

The master plan was developed with valuable feedback from the community and stakeholders, additional information on what we heard is below.

What we heard

Engagement summaries from both Phase 1 and Phase 2 show how we engaged community and the feedback we received to inform the final master plan.

Click on the highlighted spots on the map below to learn more about the key actions of the plan.