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About Quarry Hills Regional Parkland

Quarry Hills Parkland is one of the defining landscapes of the City of Whittlesea and contributes to the character of the Mernda and Wollert growth corridor.

The hills are a dominant visual feature and common point of reference for residents, which also provide spectacular 360-degree views across the municipality.

Quarry Hills Parkland is the sleeping gem in the City of Whittlesea crown and has the potential to become a major cultural and ecotourism attraction for the North.

More than $4M has recently been spent planning the park’s future development and establishing a network of paths that will provide public access to picturesque areas, including one of the parklands’ highest peaks.

Council looks forward to partnering with the State and Federal Government to further develop the park to ensure it is a destination for all of Melbourne and nearby regional communities.

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Projects in Quarry Hills

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