Council is developing a master plan for VR Michael Reserve in Lalor to improve accessibility and further upgrade the park.

The community are encouraged to share feedback on their current experiences with VR Michael Reserve and their vision for its future. This feedback will assist Council to develop the master plan.

What is the master plan?

The VR Michael Reserve master plan is a high level document providing a broad vision for the area. The master plan does not focus on one specific item or user group, but instead looks at all of the reserve’s features, furniture and users. The master plan aims to find a balance for the needs of all the user groups and the facilities required by the different types of activities. It will outline the improvements required to achieve this balance in a staged action plan. In addition, the plan will need to meet the needs of current and future community and users.

The master plan will investigate:

  • Improving play opportunities, including nature play, and inclusive equipment
  • Providing exercise equipment for all ages
  • Providing informal wheeled sport (skate, BMX, scooter) facilities
  • Upgrading public amenities, furniture, lighting and toilets
  • General landscaping, including trees and garden beds
  • General path and access upgrades

Images of VR Michael Reserve