About the Edgars Creek Trail

The Edgars Creek Trail is identified in both the Northern Trails Strategy (2016) and Whittlesea Bicycle Plan (2015) as a high priority cycling trail along Edgars Creek that once completed will run between the M80 Ring Road Trail in Thomastown and Craigieburn Road in Wollert. Council is working to build and maintain the Edgars Creek Trail as a major piece of our walking and cycling path network.

Refer to the map below for further information about the trail. You can also ask us a question about the project anytime at the 'Project Q&A' tab below.

Upcoming work

  • Click here for detail on Section 1 in Thomastown, between Main Street and the Thomas Street Reserve Community Pavilion, which will be completed mid-2021.
  • Section 2, between Tramoo Street and Kingsway Drive in Thomastown, is scheduled to be delivered in 2022/23 and details about that section will be added to this website in the coming months.

These works are funded through the Victorian Government's Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning as part of the Northern Metropolitan Trails Program.


Edgars Creek Trail - for interactive map click here:


Project details


Once completed, the Edgars Creek Trail will run between the M80 Ring Road Trail in Thomastown and Craigieburn Road shared path in Wollert. Unfortunately large sections of the trail are missing in Thomastown, Lalor and Epping between Main Street and Cooper Street, as well as development gaps north of Cooper Street.

Sections north of Cooper Street will be delivered as part of the development of the land in the area, however Council will be constructing the missing links south of Copper Street to ensure that the path network is continuous and safe for cyclists.


The objectives for the Edgars Creek Trail project are to:

  • Address significant gaps in the off-road bicycle network along the Edgars Creek between Main Street, Thomastown and Cooper Street, Epping
  • Construct one of the five highest priority off-road cycling trails in Whittlesea as identified in the Northern Trails Strategy (2016)
  • Improve the off-road bicycle network in the City of Whittlesea
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle for City of Whittlesea residents
  • Provide an off-road cycling link between the growth areas and the existing Melbourne Metropolitan Cycling Network.


The completion of this strategic cycling link will:

  • create a safe and usable off-road path within the western half of the City of Whittlesea
  • provide and improve access to:
    • Thomastown Recreation &Aquatic Centre (TRAC);
    • Local schools in Thomatown, Lalor, Epping and Wollert
    • Pacific Epping, Thomastown Shopping Centre, Lalor Shopping Centre, High Street Village (Epping) and Aurora Shopping Centre
    • Lalor and Thomastown train stations
    • The large residential, commercial and industrial areas within 1 km of the trails route
    • Ziebell’s Farmhouse and Westgarthtown German Precinct
  • connect cyclists and pedestrians to a wider network of paths
  • ensure connectivity between existing bicycle infrastructure within the City of Whittlesea
  • encourage cyclists and pedestrians from other municipalities to explore our off-road network, attractions and facilities.

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