Getting around Lalor and Thomastown is about to get a whole lot easier, with Council planning new accessible, safe and connected walking and cycling paths along the Edgars Creek Trail and along High Street.

Have your say about what you’d like to see along the new walking and cycling paths. We’d love to hear your ideas about the alignment of the paths, the best spots for rest areas, bicycle repair stations, water fountains, your landscaping suggestions, directional and informational signage, and more!

The paths planned for Lalor and Thomastown include:

  • sections of the Edgars Creek Trail that will complete links and connection points
  • new paths along High Street, from Childs Rd to Keon Park Parade.

We have previously spoken with the community to understand what they would like to see along shared paths. We have been able to develop a draft design with this information and would now like to make these available for community to see and share feedback on.

How you can participate?

You can share your thoughts on these projects by clicking on the boxes below to see more information including the draft design images and completing a very short survey.