Every Council with Green Wedge areas is required to have a plan to manage it. The City of Whittlesea's current plan ended in 2021 so we are updating it to reflect how the area has evolved and is being enjoyed.

The new plan will help identify and clearly communicate our community’s priorities in managing the Green Wedge for the next ten years. The new plan will also provide more clarity about the kinds of development or activities that are likely to be supported in these areas.

You can view the Stage 2 documents, including the Draft Green Wedge Management Plan here

You can view the results of our stage 1 community consultation here.

Relevant Reading and other information

You can read more about what the Green Wedge is and some of the achievements of the Green Wedge Management Plan. The Frequently Asked Questions are also below as well as what we did in Stage 1.
  • Green Wedge Champions

    Council recognises the great work by various community groups who are playing a role in helping to take care of our Green Wedge areas. These are our ‘Green Wedge Community Champions’.

    Learn more about Green Wedge Community Champion – the Darebin Creek Management Committee in this video.

    Watch video 
  • Visit Whittlesea

    Click on the link below to see what there is to do in the Green Wedge Areas at the City of Whilttlesea.

    Visit Whittlesea - Regional Guide 
  • Frequently asked questions

    You can read about Stage 1 Results and Stage 2 plans, vision, objectives and stategic directions here as well as see answers to FAQ's.

  • Stage 1 Consultation

    The first stage of engagement closed on Monday 19th July 2021. You can see what we did in the first stage of engagement here.

    Stage 1 here