Epping Central Structure Plan

Project update - March 2023

One of Council’s important jobs is to ensure our community is planned in a way that fits with how people live their lives and enjoy their local areas.

Epping Central is one local area that is important to many people in our community. It includes major shopping areas, health services, employment and education locations and some residential areas.

The review of the Epping Central Structure Plan will be completed in four stages, with each stage involving community consultation. This consultation is about the draft structure plan which is stage 3. The draft Structure Plan, reflects and responds to previous feedback provided by the community in relation to Epping Central. The Structure Plan has been updated to ensure the plan aligns with the goals of City of Whittlesea's Council Plan Whittlesea 2040: A Place for All.

The new plan builds on the work of the previous structure plan for a high-density mixed-use precinct and delivers a unique and modern vision for Epping through the key themes of:

The Structure Plan reflects the changes that have occurred in the area over the last few years and sets the direction for how the precinct should develop over the next twenty years.

Epping Central Structure Plan

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